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Backdated weekly compensation interest payments

About the Miller decision

With the Miller decision, the Court of Appeal has clarified the circumstances in which interest is payable on backdated weekly compensation, particularly where weekly compensation has been reinstated and backdated after a period of suspension. You can read the Miller decision on the New Zealand Legal Information Institute’s website, go to:
Accident Compensation Corporation v Miller [2013] NZCA 141 (9 May 2013)
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The result of the decision

As a result of the decision some clients have been eligible for interest on backdated weekly compensation payments.

We’ve reviewed our data to identify clients who we believe were eligible. Those clients have been invited to have their case assessed.

If you believe you could potentially be eligible to receive an interest payment on backdated weekly compensation call us on 0800 745 254.

What we’ll be looking for when your case is reassessed

Whether interest is payable, and the date from which it is paid, will depend on the date on which we received all necessary medical and financial information required to make a backdated payment. This will include information held at the date of suspension.

Updated: 24 August 2016
Reviewed: 23 August 2016