Helping you with your complaint, review, feedback or problem

We aim to give a high standard of customer service at all times. If you want to give us a compliment, ask a question, fix a problem, make a complaint, or get a decision reviewed, follow links from this page.

Online feedback form for your compliments, suggestions or questions

You can use the online feedback form for anything you want to tell us, eg letting us know what we’re doing well, telling us what we should improve, making a complaint, reporting fraud, media enquiries, just go to:

Send us your feedback.

What to do if something’s not right with your claim

If you need to correct something on your claim, or you’re not happy about how we’ve helped you, talking to us is the best way to sort things out. Get useful numbers to talk to us, or if this isn’t something you want to do, find other ways to get help. Go to:

Sort out a problem with your claim.

Your Code Rights and your claim

Find out about the legislated Code of ACC Claimants’ Rights, and how they set out the service you should receive from us, go to:

Your claimant rights and our service to you.

Get someone else to talk with us about your claim

If you have problems with a claim, and talking to us isn’t something you want to do, you can get an advocate, eg mum, sister, doctor or someone from an independent organisation, to speak on your behalf, find out more in:

Get an advocate to speak for you.

Make a complaint

If you’re an ACC client, levy payer, or one of our service providers or suppliers, and you want to complain to us, go to:

Make a complaint.

Find out how to get a decision or invoice reviewed

If you aren’t happy about a decision we’ve made, eg a claim decision or a levy invoice amount, you can have it reviewed. Find out more in:

Get a decision we made reviewed.

Appeal an independent reviewer’s decision

Some decisions issued by an independent review can be appealed. If you’ve been given a decision, and you want to appeal, go to:

Appeal an independent review decision.

Published: 7 June 2016