How do I make a claim?

Sensitive claims

ACC can help people with a physical and/or mental injury suffered as a result of sexual abuse or sexual assault.

Differences between the recent ISSC contract and the Cost of Treatment Regulations

The ISSC (Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims) contract and CoTR (Cost of Treatment Regulations) refer to ways we can purchase sensitive claims counselling services.

However, there are key differences between the two purchasing methods.

Information for people who have suffered sexual abuse or sexual assault

How to request help, what help we can and can’t provide, and what happens after you’ve asked for help. If you want to talk to ACC’s Sensitive Claims team directly and in confidence, call free on 0800 735 566 or email

How GPs and counsellors can request help for a client

Only general practitioners (GPs) and ACC-registered counsellors can lodge sensitive claims with us. How providers can lodge a claim.

For providers helping clients with a sensitive claim

How we work with ACC-registered providers to help people with a sensitive claim. Contains process, forms, sensitive claim specific news and updates.

Registered counsellors

Use this section to find your nearest registered counsellor.

Reviewed: 19 September 2015
Updated: 1 October 2015