How do I make a claim?

This section is about taking the first steps to get help when you’ve been injured, what to expect when you make a claim and how cover is decided.

ACC has Maori, Pacific and Asian advisors who can provide cultural support and help. We also have interpreters for 30 different languages. See In your language for cultural support and access details.

Injury in New Zealand

If you get injured in New Zealand, even if you are visiting from overseas, ACC can help with funding for treatment and other support.

Injury while travelling overseas

If you get injured overseas while you’re on holiday or working, ACC may be able to help you when you return to New Zealand.

Employee injuries

ACC can support you as an employer when an employee is injured, whether it is work-related or not. We can help you and your injured employee, and create return to work programmes that are appropriate to the size of your business.

Injury causing death

If someone close to you dies as a result of an injury, ACC may be able to help.

Other injuries

For some injuries, ACC may refer your claim to a specialised unit and require more detailed information from you or your doctor to help decide what specific help you need. These injuries include:

Injury from medical treatment

If you suffer an injury as a result of medical treatment, it is called a ‘treatment injury’ and specific details of your treatment will be required.

Dental injury

You may be eligible for a range of dental treatments if you suffer a dental injury in an accident, playing sport or as a result of treatment.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss injuries may be suffered in an accident or over time in a workplace. If your injury is work-related, ACC will need more information from you and your employer.

Mental effects of injury from sexual abuse or assault

ACC covers the mental effects of sexual abuse or a sexual assault and requires an initial assessment by a suitably qualified health professional.

Gradual process injury, disease or infection caused by work

If your injury resulted over time from a work-related activity or environment, you and your employer may be required to provide further information.

Last updated: 5 February 2015

Last reviewed: 20 January 2015