Getting help if you are injured while visiting New Zealand

If you’re injured during your visit to New Zealand, our unique accident compensation system can help. ACC provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week injury cover for everyone in New Zealand, including visitors, whether you are just on holiday, or even if you are working or studying here. We can assist with the costs of treatment and support while you are here.

Generally you can’t sue after an injury in New Zealand as in most cases, ACC replaces that right.

Get treatment first

The first step to getting help from us is to visit:

  • a doctor
  • other registered health professional
  • an accident and emergency clinic.

Making a claim

As well as treating your injury, your health professional will help you fill out one of our claim forms. They will provide us with this form.

What happens next?

Once we’ve received your claim, we’ll phone or write to tell you if your claim has been accepted. It’s important that if you’re travelling around New Zealand, to give your health professional your contact details so we can contact you in New Zealand.

If, for some reason, we’re unable to cover the costs of your injury you’ll need to pay those costs yourself.

How we can help

The help you can get from us depends on your injury and situation so please talk to us. We may help with:

  • treatment costs
  • prescription medication costs
  • compensation for lost earnings if you’ve been working and paying taxes in New Zealand, and have stopped work because of your injury.

If you need on-going or follow-up medical care, we’ll work with you and your health professional to make sure you get the support and treatment you need.

What ACC doesn’t cover

We are not a replacement for travel insurance. We don’t cover any property damaged or lost in an accident, illness, disrupted travel plans or emergency travel to get you back home. We recommend you arrange travel insurance before visiting New Zealand.

Contact us

Phone ACC toll free (in New Zealand) on 0800 101 996.

For other ways of contacting us, go to:
contact us

You can also call in at one of our branches up and down the country. For details go to:
Locate an ACC branch by name

If you find it hard to speak to us in English, we have interpreters who can help.

Reviewed: 6 September 2016