What support can I get?

Treatment costs

ACC can assist with the costs of a wide range of medical and related treatment costs for your covered personal injury.

What help can I get?

We can contribute to the cost of treatment when:

  • it is necessary and appropriate to restore your health to the maximum extent practicable
  • it is the generally accepted means of treatment in New Zealand
  • your treatment provider meets the relevant definition of a treatment provider in the Accident Compensation Act 2001, eg is registered with their governing professional body of practice and holds a current practicing certificate.

We can assist with the following treatments and services:

  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Audiology services
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Counselling services
  • Dental treatment and services
  • General practitioner services
  • Hand therapy treatment
  • Hospital treatment, including surgery
  • Medical specialist services, eg Orthopaedic Specialist
  • Nurse services
  • Occupational therapy treatment
  • Optometry services
  • Osteopath treatment
  • Pharmaceutical treatment
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Podiatry treatment
  • Radiology services, eg MRI and X-rays
  • Speech therapy services.

Related legislation and regulations
tells you more about the legislation that governs ACC’s liability to pay or contribute towards the cost of treatment.

What do I need to do to get help?

If you haven’t made a claim for your injury yet, see How do I make a claim for details on what to do.

If you have an accepted claim and you need treatment, talk to your health professional first. They’ll work out what treatment you need and, if necessary, apply to us for help meeting the costs. (You may be required to complete another form.)

In some circumstances you may require additional treatment for your injury after your initial entitlement ends, see Pre-approved entitlements.

How costs are set

The Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Regulations 2003 (external link) sets out what treatment we can pay for and the amount we can contribute towards the cost. These regulations are set by government.

Most of the costs associated with treating your injury will be covered by us, but your treating provider may ask you to pay a surcharge (an additional charge or fee). We are unable to reimburse you for any surcharges.

Related legislation and regulations tells you more about the amounts we can contribute towards the cost of treatment.

How costs are paid

There are two main methods of payment for treatment:

  1. ACC pays the treatment provider directly (if they are registered with us) or you pay the treatment provider and claim the cost back from us. Ask your treatment provider which option is suitable.
  2. Bulk funding to District Health Boards (DHBs) under the Public Health Acute Services.
    These are services purchased by ACC through government funding arrangements. DHBs receive this funding from the government for all accident related acute services. This includes hospital emergency department and some follow up outpatient clinic visits (within 6 weeks after day of discharge from acute admission or emergency department presentation).

How to request reimbursement

Complete either the ACC249 Prescription reimbursement or the ACC001 Request for Assistance.

Attach the originals of all invoices and receipts of payment and send them to us for consideration of reimbursement.

If you live in:

  • Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland or Northland and north of Taupo, send the form and original invoices and receipts to:
    PO Box 90341
    Auckland Mail Centre
  • other parts of New Zealand south of Taupo, send the form and the original invoices and receipts to:
    PO Box 408

Please keep a copy of your original invoices/receipts for your records.

Pre-approved entitlements

We must give approval before you have:

  • elective surgery - this applies particularly if you decide to have private surgery, even if you have private medical insurance. See Surgery
  • allied treatment extensions beyond the initial pre-approved entitlement, eg physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, podiatry, chiropractic and hand therapy
  • medical treatment procedures, including interventional pain management, CT and ultrasound guided injections
  • some dental treatment, see Dental treatment
  • some travel and accommodation costs associated with treatment, see Travel and accommodation for treatment.

Your treating provider will be able to tell you when you need prior approval and the process. If you have any questions you can contact the Inquiry Service Centre on 0800101996 or email ACC Claims.

Note: If you receive treatment prior to receiving an answer from us, you need to discuss with your treating provider who’ll pay if we decline the request.

What happens next?

If prior approval is needed, your treatment provider will make the application on your behalf and you will be informed in writing of our decision. For some decisions, we may also phone you.

If you are unhappy with ACC’s decision, you can ask for a review. See What if I have problems with a claim?

Related legislation and regulations

Accident Compensation Act 2001:

Updated: 27 August 2015

Reviewed: 19 August 2015