What support can I get?

Individual rehabilitation plan

If you require support for more than just a short time after your injury, you’ll need an individual rehabilitation plan. An individual rehabilitation plan outlines the steps you and ACC will take to get you back to work or everyday life as quickly as possible.

What is an individual rehabilitation plan?

An individual rehabilitation plan:

  • identifies your needs and goals for return to work and your everyday life
  • identifies any assessments your need
  • identifies the treatment, vocational and/or social rehabilitation services we’ll fund to meet your needs and help achieve your goals
  • sets a date when you can reasonably expect to regain your independence, eg, return to full-time work and your normal social activities and no longer need home help
  • will be active and ongoing until you have returned to work and/or independence.

You and your ACC case owner prepare the rehabilitation plan together and agree to it. You are welcome to bring a support person, eg family/whanau, friend or employer. Your GP and your employer (if you are employed at the time of your injury) are invited to participate in the preparation of your plan. You have to give permission for your employer to be invited to be involved in the preparation.

Examples of ACC funded support that may be included in your plan are:

For information on getting back to work, see Vocational rehabilitation.

How your individual rehabilitation plan works

The following steps outline what to expect when you work with your case owner to create and follow your individual rehabilitation plan:

1. You and your case owner complete your individual rehabilitation plan and agree to it. The plan is essentially your roadmap to your rehabilitation journey back to work and/or your everyday life.

2. You complete any assessments required by us (with a qualified assessor).

3. You and your case owner may need to adjust the rehabilitation plan with information from your assessments.

4. You participate in the activities in your rehabilitation plan, including treatment, surgery, vocational and/or social rehabilitation services funded by us as you recover from your injury. Tell your case owner if your situation changes and we’ll update your rehabilitation plan with any changes.

5. At the end of your rehabilitation, we may ask you to undergo further assessment to check if you have achieved your plan outcomes. If not, you may require an extension to your rehabilitation plan.

Your participation in the plan is key to the success of your rehabilitation. If you have any questions about any aspects of your individual rehabilitation plan or how it is progressing, it is important to discuss these with your case owner at the earliest opportunity.

If you are not satisfied with your individual rehabilitation plan you can ask to have your concerns escalated, eg ask to speak to a manager. You also have the right to inform your case owner that you wish to apply for a review.

Related legislation

Accident Compensation (AC) Act 2001

Updated: 20 August 2015

Reviewed: 5 August 2015