What support can I get?


We may be able to help with transportation to help you gain independence after an injury.

What help can I get?

Help with transportation may include:

  • use of a private vehicle (the vehicle can be yours, a family member’s or your carer’s)
  • public transport, eg bus, train or taxi fares
  • rental vehicle costs (if this is the best way of meeting your short transport needs)
  • the cost of injury-related modifications to a vehicle so that it meets your needs
  • a contribution if it’s better to buy a more suitable vehicle. It is important that you talk to us first about your transport needs.

If you have short-term transport needs while you are recovering from an injury, go to Funded transport to get to work/school/other necessary trip.

What do I need to do to get help?

  • Talk to us about the kind of help we may give
  • Where appropriate, we’ll arrange for a transport assessor to talk with you (or someone acting for you) about your transportation needs and ways we can meet your needs..

How am I eligible?

We have to accept your claim for personal injury first.
We look at:

  • the advice provided by the assessor who assessed your transport needs
  • the activities you were able to perform before your injury
  • the tasks you can no longer do for yourself as a result of the injury
  • the costs and benefits of public transport options, such as a taxi versus private transportation options, eg a suitably modified motor vehicle.

Public transportation

We may pay for public transport if it is the best solution for you.

Private transportation

If you can no longer travel in or safely drive your current vehicle as a result of your injury, we may be able to help with modifications or contribute if you want to buy a more suitable vehicle.

The help you will get depends on your individual circumstances. Contact us to confirm if you qualify, or to talk about other ways in which we can help.

How long might ACC take to determine if I am eligible?

We aim to make most cover decisions within 21 working days. However, if we need an independent assessment we can’t make a decision until we receive the assessment.

Contact us if you have not heard from us within a reasonable period of time.

What happens next?

We’ll write to you and tell you if we’ve accepted your application for transportation assistance. If we decline your claim, we will tell you why.

If you are unhappy with a decision, you can ask for a review. Go to What if I have problems with a claim?

Related legislation

Accident Compensation (AC) Act 2001:

Updated: March 2016

Reviewed: March 2016