What support can I get?

Funded transport to work/school/other necessary trip

You may be able to get help with additional costs for transport to work, school or an early childhood education centre, or for other necessary trips, eg a trip to the supermarket, while you or your dependent child, recover from an injury.

What help can I get?

Funded transport includes the actual costs of public transport or taxis, or a rate per kilometre if you are using a private vehicle.

We may also be able to help with travel costs when you need to travel a long distance for treatment or rehabilitation services, go to Travel and accommodation costs.

If you have a more serious injury, there are longer term transportation options, go to Transportation.


You have broken your leg and are unable to drive your car while the leg is in plaster. Before your injury you drove to work, which is a round trip of 20km each day or 100km a week.

We may be able to fund alternative transport for the period until your leg is out of plaster and you are able to drive again.

Your twelve-year-old has cut his hand badly and is unable to cycle to school, which is how he usually travels. There is no school bus service in your area and you have to drive him to and from school each day, a round trip of 8km or 40km a week.

You may be eligible for help with the extra travel costs, ie over and above the travel costs you would normally have, until your child has recovered and is able to cycle to school again.

What do I need to do to get help?

  • Talk to us about what kind of help we may be able to provide
  • Complete the ACC001 Request for assistance form (PDF 655K), listing details of the travel assistance that you require
  • Attach any medical certificates, accounts, receipts or other proof you have to support your claim.


  • You can also make a verbal application for assistance, but you need to make sure you ask for specific help, such as transport between work and home
  • You can authorise other people, eg a family member or your doctor, to make applications for assistance on your behalf.

How am I eligible?

You, or your child, may be eligible for funded transport while recovering from an injury if you or they:

  • have an injury claim that has been accepted by us
  • are unable to get to work, school or shops.

We, or an assessor, will talk with you, or someone acting for you, about your transport needs. We’ll then assess your eligibility for funded transport based on:

  • the transport used before the injury
  • when the injury is likely to improve
  • how long the help may be needed
  • the best options for getting you to where you need to be.

You may be eligible for funded transport if the minimum cost or distance travelled is:

  • over $45 in a calendar month for public transport or taxis
  • over 80km in a calendar month for transport in a private vehicle.

You may also be eligible if your transport costs in the first 14 days after your injury are over and above what you would normally have incurred in that period (with a minimum distance of 20km one way).

ACC cover will not replace funded transport provided by other government agencies, ie school transport provided by the Ministry of Education.

Your actual entitlement depends on your individual circumstances. Contact us to confirm if you are eligible, or to identify other ways in which we can help.

How long might we take to determine if I am eligible?

We regard 21 days as a reasonable timeframe for the majority of decisions about what assistance you may be entitled to.

Contact us if you have not heard from us within a reasonable period of time.

What happens next?

After we’ve assessed your application for funded transport, we’ll make a decision about what help we can give you and contact you.

If we decline your claim, we’ll tell you why.

We may ask you to discuss the level of contribution to funded transport with us and have it documented in your individual plan.

We may make payments to you, or, if the travel is provided by someone else, you can talk to us about arranging to have invoices sent to ACC for the amount we’ve agreed to pay.

If you are unhappy with the decision, you can ask for it to be reviewed. See What if I have problems with a claim?

Related legislation

Accident Compensation (AC) Act 2001

Updated: 20 January 2016

Reviewed: 20 January 2016