What support can I get?

We may be able to help in different ways depending on the type of injury and your needs.


ACC can contribute to a wide range of medical and related costs, including doctor’s visits, treatment from various other health professionals, surgery, x-rays, prescription costs, etc.

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Managing at home

If you need help managing at home following your injury, we can arrange various types of help for things like housework, your personal care and childcare.

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Your work situation

We can pay you weekly compensation if you have to stop work because of an injury. We can also arrange vocational rehabilitation to help you get back to work.

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Getting a child back to school

When your child is injured you may need help to get them back to school.

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Getting to places you need to be

If you need to travel to get to work or treatment, we can cover the costs of transport and in some cases, overnight accommodation too.

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Long term injuries

If you are likely to take a long time to recover from your injury, we can help to minimise the disruption to your life.

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Permanent impairment

If you have a permanent impairment as a result of your injury we can help you make the adjustment to living with the impairment.

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Injuries causing death

There are various grants and payments in the event of your or a family member’s death as a result of injury.

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Funeral grant

Survivor’s grant

Weekly compensation – accidental death

Childcare payments following accidental death.

Maori and other cultures

ACC has Maori, Pacific and Asian advisors who can provide cultural support and help. We also have interpreters for 30 different languages.

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Health service provider responsibilities

Health service providers need to comply with ACC and health legislation, ACC policies and professional standards when treating you and making claims for you.

For more information, go to Health service provider responsibilities in the For Providers section of our website.

Updated: March 2016

Reviewed: March 2016