Renter’s healthy home checklist

Injuries at home are more common than you may think. More than one third of ACC’s 1.6 million claims every year are for injuries that happen in and around the home.

But the good news is there are often some very simple changes that can be made to fix potential hazards to make sure your home is a healthy and safe place to stay. If you are renting, or thinking of renting, you can talk to your landlord about any concerns you have.

There are so many things to think about when you are looking at different properties, so we have created the ACC6746 renter’s healthy home checklist (PDF 44K) for you to print and take with you – or you can use it to review the one you are currently living in. But it is often easier to get landlords to agree to fix things up before you move in!

The checklist highlights some key things to consider that you might not even realise are hazards until you have been living in a place for a while, such as:

  • adequate power outlets in rooms, so cords do not have to run across walk ways
  • lights by the bed, so you do not have to walk around in the dark
  • safe access to the front door such as well-structured steps and good outdoor lighting.

Last updated: 22 May 2014

Last reviewed: 19 May 2014