Raising Children

Ever wished your child came with an instruction manual? Well now there is one! ACC is proud to be involved with Raising Children, a comprehensive audio-visual resource which guides parents from the delivery suite through the preschool and primary years and into double digits.

What is it?

The brainchild of media producer and presenter Jude Dobson, the aim of the project is to help parents give children the best possible start in life. The Raising Children website has over 100 videos you can subscribe to free of charge, featuring 20 celebrity parents and a stable of highly-regarded experts.

Check out the injury prevention and safety videos available on the Raising Children website. You may be asked to sign up to view some of these:


Home safety Part 1 (04:50)

Burns, falls, choking and cuts… tips on avoiding injury at home.

Home safety Part 2 (04:25)

Keeping your child safe around water, driveways and poisons.

Car seats (04:55)

From birth onwards, we have tips for keeping your child safe in vehicles.

CPR and first aid (04:51)

Despite our best intentions, accidents do happen so it pays to be prepared.

Free range kids (04:26)

Why letting go is beneficial.

Updated: 9 September 2015

Reviewed: 27 March 2015