At home

Child-proof your home

More people are injured at home than anywhere else in New Zealand. Unfortunately, children factor highly in these statistics. You can help reduce the numbers by making each area of your home safer for your children.

Kids - play the interactive Danger Rangers Home safety game to help Jade and Josh make home a safer place.

Cooking safety

Kitchen fires are the number one cause of house fires. Here are a few easy tips to help you be safe in the kitchen.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Working on DIY projects may put you at risk of injuring yourself at home. Take a look at what you can do to make you and your home safe.

Fire safety

Being fire safe starts with having smoke alarms installed and maintained. Find out more tips about how to safeguard your family from fire.

Floors and carpets

Avoid slips, trips and falls by making sure floors are dry and clutter-free. Secure loose mats and rugs to stop them from sliding around.


Keeping a clear path in your home means everyone can move around safely. Furniture that might move or fall, especially in an earthquake, can be secured to a wall.

Home office/study

For ideas about setting up your home office safely, see HabitAtWork (external link).

Kitchens and laundries

Knives, heat, fire, cupboards, slippery floors and cleaning products cause tens of thousands of nasty injuries a year. It’s easy to reduce the chance of injury when in the kitchen or laundry.

Older people

Many people over the age of 55 are concerned about losing their independence following a fall. Older people, along with their GPs and other health providers, can take positive steps to reduce the chances of falling.

Outside areas

It’s likely there are more hazards in your backyard than inside your home. This page covers some of those areas and how you can keep them safe for you and your family.

Preventing falls

Each year many of us find ourselves swept off our feet. In fact, nearly half of all home injuries are caused by slips, trips and falls. There are a few easy steps to increase your chances of not falling at home.

Raising children

Ever wished your child came with an instruction manual? Well now there is one! ACC is proud to be involved with Raising Children, a comprehensive audio-visual resource which guides parents from the delivery suite through the preschool and primary years and into double digits. The brainchild of media producer and presenter Jude Dobson, the aim of the project is to help parents give children the best possible start in life.

Featuring 20 celebrity parents and a stable of highly-regarded experts, there are over 100 videos you can subscribe to free of charge on the Raising Children website. You may be asked to sign up to view some of the videos.

Renter’s healthy home checklist

When you are looking at properties to rent, there are so many things to consider that it is easy to forget to ask some of the important questions. Our renter’s healthy home checklist covers some important things to look for or to ask the property manager to ensure you move somewhere safe and healthy.

Steps and stairs

Many slips, trips and falls occur at home on steps, stairs and ladders. You can make sure your steps and stairs are safe, and that you use them safely.

Taking care in wet areas

Many slips and falls happen in bathrooms and areas where there is water or a slippery surface. Water and electricity are also a dangerous combination. This page provides some tips about keeping safe in wet areas.

Last updated: 11 May 2015

Last reviewed: 23 January 2014