Start safe; stay safe

Start Safe; Stay Safe is a hardcopy teaching resource designed to provide high school students with skills and knowledge about workplace health and safety.

The teaching resource

The Start Safe; Stay Safe Co-ordinator’s Guide contains information, resources, a CD-ROM, activities and assessment tasks and is free to schools.

The Guide is for use by Gateway Coordinators with their Gateway students, and for teachers in other subject areas where students complete ‘NZQA Unit Standard 497 Version 7: Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety’.

The resource is a flexible ‘toolkit’ so that Gateway Coordinators and teachers can meet the specific needs of their students.

Key ‘Start Safe; Stay Safe’ topics

  • What are the consequences of getting injured at work?
  • What are the facts about health and safety?
  • What is the law?
  • Dealing with hazards
  • Looking after yourself at work (with a focus on impairment from alcohol, drugs, fatigue and noise induced hearing loss)
  • What should I do to Start Safe; Stay Safe?
  • Health and safety management
  • Key definitions
  • Supporting your students
  • Links, references and contacts
  • Assessment for Unit Standard 497

Request a copy

To obtain your free copy of the resource, please email

Other information

The Department of Labour has a list of publications on their health and safety website (external link), including the following fact sheets:

The Ministry of Education has a toolkit on developing hazard registers: Worksafe at schools – Toolkit 7A – Hazard registers (external link).

Last updated: 20 April 2009

Last reviewed: 24 January 2014