Health and safety in the workplace

Effective health and safety in your workplace can help to keep your employees happy and productive, and also reduce the human and business costs of injuries. See below for a guide to making your business safer.

Health and Safety Improvement Cycle

Use the Health and Safety Improvement Cycle to implement health and safety systems in your workplace to help reduce injuries, illness and incidents.

Incident Investigation Process

Use the Incident Investigation Process as an analysis tool to help identify factors that contribute to injuries in your workplace, and then find the right prevention solutions.

Health and safety for small business

It can be a challenge to keep a small business afloat. The last thing you need is work-related injury or disease, which can bring unexpected costs and even the loss of a valued staff member. Check here to find useful health and safety tools.

Updated: 14 April 2016

Reviewed: 17 July 2014