Health and safety representatives

ACC funds selected providers to deliver training courses to elected health and safety representatives. This page covers how to enrol your representatives on the training courses.

Improving employee participation in health and safety

As an employer you can improve employee participation in health and safety by ensuring:

  • your elected health and safety representatives (reps) receive effective training on their workplace health and safety functions, and clearly understand what their health and safety responsibilities are
  • you give your reps time to work on reducing workplace injuries.

To help you achieve these goals, ACC funds selected providers to deliver two-day training courses to your elected reps. The funding is available for reps to attend a Stage One, Stage Two or Stage Three workshop.

All three workshops have been approved under parts 19G(1) and 46A (external links) of the Health and Safety in Employment Act – Amendment 2002 (external link).

Remember, trained reps have the skills to help you reduce employee injuries and business costs. Check out the Injury cost calculator to find out the true cost of injuries to your business.

More information

Contact the providers below and visit their websites for further information on training for health and safety representatives.



More information

Business New Zealand

Auckland, Waikato

EMA Learning (external link)


Wellington, Taranaki,
Hawkes Bay

EMA Central (external link)


West Coast

Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce (external link)

Impac Services

All regions

Impac (external link)

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (NZTU)

All regions

WorkSafeReps (external link)

Please note that the provider may require you to pay an administration fee for each participating representative.

Last updated: 20 November 2014

Last reviewed: 30 October 2014