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Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for their workers. ACC’s role is to work with New Zealand businesses and agencies and provide resources to help prevent injuries both in and out of the workplace.

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WorkSafe New Zealand is a regulatory agency dedicated to improving workplace health and safety and achieving a 25% reduction in workplace deaths and serious harm by 2020.

We work alongside our colleagues in WorkSafe New Zealand, helping to improve workplace health and safety, but we also have our own workplace injury prevention programmes and products.

Our Plan to keep you safe and healthy at work

We have joined with WorkSafe New Zealand to develop the ‘Reducing Harm in NZ Workplaces Action Plan’ to help keep New Zealanders safe and healthy at work. To find out more go to:
Reducing Harm in NZ Workplaces Action Plan

WorkSafe New Zealand

Home Time campaign

The Home Time campaign is built around a goal that we share with our colleagues at WorkSafe New Zealand (external link) – that everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe:
Home Time campaign

Tools for injury prevention

  • Habitatwork (external link) – educate workers and managers about how to prevent and manage discomfort, pain and injury in the workplace.
  • Work smart tips (external link) – create personalised sheets of stretches and health and safety tips for a worker, a team or even a whole workplace.
  • Risk reckoner – helps to assess the risk of discomfort, pain or injury associated with a particular manual handling task. Use the online risk reckoner demo to see how it works.

Occupational health

The work environment, if not well managed, can be a risky place. When workers are fatigued, they are more likely to have accidents. Various factors can combine to create discomfort, pain and injury; and a noisy environment may lead to permanent hearing loss. The sections below contain information that can help you reduce these risks (whether you’re an employer or employee):

Industry specific safety

Highlights injury statistics relevant to main industries, and the resources available to help you manage hazards and prevent or reduce injuries in your workplace.

Small business

Useful health and safety tools for small business.

Health and safety in the workplace

Hints, tips and guides for making your workplace safer, and making your business a better place to work.

Return to work

Helping injured employees return to work help your business and your employee. We have great return to work programmes and dedicated Injury Management Consultants who can work with you to tailor a return to work policy and process for your business. With minor changes to their duties and a little support, some employees may even be able to recover at work.

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Updated: 1 March 2016

Reviewed: 26 November 2015