Construction work happens in a changing environment where unmanaged hazards can pose sudden and immediate risks to workers. Find out what you can do to keep yourself and your employees safe.

What injuries happen in construction?

Noise induced hearing loss and injuries related to falls from height and manual handling are the most common problems.

The majority of fatalities in construction are caused by exposure to asbestos during demolition or renovation.

What can I do to stay safe?

Your organisation’s health and safety systems and procedures

Find out how to set up your health and safety systems and procedures and help keep your business injury-free – it’s all in the Health and Safety Improvement Cycle. Find out about the Incident Investigation Process, which is useful for when you need to find investigate what caused an injury, illness or death.

Making your construction site safer

Once you’ve got good health & safety systems and procedures in place – or you have them already – visit the WorkSafe New Zealand’s construction guidance material on making your construction sites safer places for everyone.

Improve your health and safety systems and apply for a levy discount

If you participate in one of ACC’s workplace health and safety programmes we can reward you for safe workplace practices by discounting your levies. A number of different programmes exist to meet the needs of differing business types. Go to How to pay less for more information.


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Updated: 6 May 2015

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