Injury cost calculator

Whether a worker gets injured at home or at work, your business is affected. You need to find and train a replacement, deal with the paperwork and still keep everything working. What if wages for the replacement worker are just the beginning of a larger impact on your bottom line? Do you know the real cost of an injury?

How to use the calculator

The injury cost calculator has two parts:

  1. Case studies - examples of costs to employers that result from injuries in work, home and sport settings.
  2. Create your own - use costs from your business to build your own injury scenario. Find out what the real cost of an injury could be.

Start the calculator.

This injury cost calculator doesn’t show how workplace injuries may affect the ACC work levies you pay, as a result of experience rating.

Experience rating is a system of modifying a business’ ACC work levy based on its claims history.Under the experience rating framework, employers who have lower-than-average injury rates, with better-than-average rehabilitation or return to work rates, may receive a discount on their ACC work levy. Those with worse-than-average claims experience may receive a loading on their levy.

Last updated: 7 July 2014

Last reviewed: 10 June 2014