ACC Canterbury Dashboard

The ACC Canterbury Dashboard details all construction-related claims in Canterbury. The Dashboard is published quarterly and includes information on the number and type of claims, injury causes and the sectors in which accidents and injuries have occurred. The dashboard supports greater awareness and understanding of the risks on construction sites and enables businesses and workers to mitigate and manage those risks.

ACC Canterbury Dashboards

ACC makes a significant investment in preventing work-related injuries. One of our key commitments is to reduce workplace injuries in the Canterbury Rebuild.

Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter

ACC is a proud member of the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter – a collective of construction businesses, government agencies and trade organisations committed to raising health and safety standards in the rebuild.

One of the ways ACC is helping the Charter is by supplying monthly claims data on construction-related injuries in Canterbury. This data helps our industry partners understand what injuries are occurring and where; so we can then work together to identify emerging trends early and develop relevant, timely resources and solutions.

Show your workers and your customers that you care about safety…sign up to the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter.

Subscribe to the dashboard

You can arrange to receive a quarterly ACC Canterbury Dashboard by email, just go to the Dashboard subscription page, enter your details, check the ACC Canterbury Dashboard box and click Subscribe.

Updated: 14 July 2016

Reviewed: 17 June 2015