Floors and carpets

Nearly half of all home injuries are caused by slips, trips and falls. Loose carpets and slippery or cluttered floors can all cause you to fall. Keep safe by making sure floors are dry and clear, and secure mats and rugs to stop them moving.


Ensure floors are kept dry. Clean up anything spilt on the floor immediately.

Try to keep living areas clutter-free to prevent falls. Put aside a time of the day for doing this to prevent build-up of clutter. Encourage children to help in the clean-up of one activity before they begin the next.

Tidy up things you can trip over, such as cords, rubbish, tools or toys.

Mats and rugs

Remove mats and rugs to prevent trips and falls, or secure them using tape, tacks or non-skid backing so that they don't slide around.

Use velcro or double-sided tape to keep the edges of mats and rugs flat so you don’t trip on them.

Non-skid backing can be purchased from your local carpet or home store. It comes as a spray-on or an underlay that can be attached to the bottom of your rug or mat.


Wear non-slip shoes or slippers rather than socks on slippery floors.

Last updated: 20 April 2009
Last reviewed: 23 January 2014