Injury prevention strategy

In 2014 ACC introduced a new approach to injury prevention.

This approach includes better:

  • collaboration with a range of stakeholders
  • use of data to design our programmes
  • targeting our programmes’ areas of focus.

Cross-government Injury Prevention Work Plan

In 2013 Cabinet replaced the New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy (NZIPS) governance group with a new way of working – a Cross-government Injury Prevention Work Plan.

In its initial phase, the Work Plan will address four key priority areas for ACC and its partner agencies:

  • vulnerable children
  • sexual violence
  • family violence
  • the role of dementia in falls.

We’ll update this section over time as more information on the outcomes of the Cross-government Injury Prevention Work Plan becomes available.

If you are looking for information or reports formerly housed on the NZIPS website, you can find selected NZIPS archived items here. Any ongoing actions under NZIPS will transition to business-as-usual for lead agencies.

Last updated: 18 July 2014

Last reviewed: 25 March 2014