On the farm

Injuries on the farm can be avoided - safety often comes down to making the right choices, rather than luck. It is true that farm work carries more risks than many other occupations. However, you can choose to manage risks, and deliberately work in a safe way, so there’s no reason why injury rates in farming should exceed those in any other industry!

  • Safer work habitsAnimals, machinery and equipment can all do you damage on the farm, but by planning ahead and taking a bit more care you can avoid some of the common injuries that can occur in your day–to-day activities.

Children and farm safety

Whether you have children living on your farm or just visiting, you can limit the number of hazards they’re exposed to, and teach them how to stay safe on the farm.

For a fun, interactive way to get children thinking about farm hazards, get them to play our Danger Ranger – Farm game.

Animal handling

Every year over 15,000 people in New Zealand are injured in animal-related incidents. This page outlines some of the key things for you to remember in order to prevent animal-handling injuries from happening to you.

Machinery and equipment safety

Farm machinery injuries can be prevented by taking a few simple steps. Always ensure guards are correctly fitted and wear appropriate protective clothing. Make sure your machinery is in good working order and you know how to use it safely.

Vehicle safety

Farm vehicles are one of the leading causes of injury and death in rural New Zealand each year. Tractors, all terrain vehicles (quad bikes) and farm bikes can be found on nearly every New Zealand farm and lifestyle block. These vehicles make farming much easier, but safety measures must be followed to prevent injury.

Published: 10 June 2010