On the road

In 2008, there were 366 fatalities and 6,049 new entitlement claims on New Zealand roads. ACC works with other agencies to reduce the number and severity of road crashes and injuries. All injuries and deaths on the road are preventable, and responsible drivers make our roads safer.

Driver fatigue

Driving while fatigued has the same effects on your driving skills as driving under the influence of alcohol. Learn to recognise the signs of fatigue and how to avoid it.

Drink driving

Driving while under the influence of alcohol massively increases your chances of being involved in a crash.

Drive to the conditions

Driving conditions vary hugely, depending on things like the weather and how much traffic is on the road. Learn how slowing down to suit the conditions can reduce your risk of serious injury in a crash.


Travelling by bike is a great way to get around. Remember to be safe - be seen, wear good quality riding gear and take some lessons to fine tune your riding skills. Check out the Ride Forever website (external link) or if you ride a scooter, have a look at the Scooter Survival website (external link).

Child restraints

As a driver, it is your responsibility to make sure any children travelling in your vehicle are safely restrained. Keep your children safe with these tips and resources.

Young drivers

Learning to drive is an exciting part of growing up, but it can have adverse consequences. Being on the road does carry a risk and teenage drivers are more likely to crash than any other age group, especially just after passing their restricted licence and starting to drive solo. Road crashes are the single greatest killer of 16 to 24-year-olds in New Zealand.

Fleet safety

The Fleet Safety Programme aims at cutting the toll crashes take on businesses, injured workers and their families. Fleet Safety (external link) has more information.

Vehicle safety technology

Buying a car with the best possible new safety technology makes sense – check out the information on Rightcar and NZ Transport Agency (external links).

Your safe driving policy

Encouraging good driving is good business. Having a safe driving policy can protect your staff, and enhance your reputation, both within your own company and with your customers. The ACC4282 Your safe driving policy (PDF 569K) booklet outlines all you need to know.

Plus we’ve made it easy for you to develop your own safe driving policy. Simply download the ACC5634 A sample safe driving policy (DOC 84K) template and add in your own details.

Last updated: 4 April 2014