Playing sport

Most injuries in sport and recreation are easily preventable. One of ACC’s major goals is to reduce the number and severity of injuries and keep New Zealanders playing and engaging in the activities we enjoy.


ACC SportSmart (external link) is an evidence based framework made up of nine principles. It helps improve your performance in sport by preventing injuries.


RugbySmart is a programme jointly developed by ACC and the New Zealand Rugby Union to help you get the most from your game and reduce the incidence and severity of injury.


NetballSmart provides you with free online access to information on how to prevent netball injuries. You can even create your own personalised training programme to help prepare you to take to the court.


ACC are partnering with Football NZ to roll out the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme.

Rugby league

Rugby League demands endurance, speed, agility, strength and power, as well as technical and tactical awareness. Improvement in these areas helps reduce the risk of injury so you can play better, more often, and for longer.

Updated: 3 March 2016

Reviewed: 11 June 2015