Playing sport

We want to help New Zealanders live healthy, active lifestyles while staying injury free.

To help achieve this goal, we have developed ACCSportSmart and partnerships with five major sports codes.

ACC SportSmart

ACCSportsmart (external link) focusses on the signs of concussion, and the importance and benefits of warming up, both of which are important to all codes.

It is fronted by leading sports people and contains practical advice and video tutorials for players and coaches.

Resources such as posters can be printed from ACCSportsmart.

SportSmart initiatives are based on research into nine sporting principles that will help you get the most out of your game.


Through our partnerships with sporting codes, we develop and deliver programmes that improve player performance and help coaches and referees apply injury prevention best practice.

Our current partnerships and programmes are:

New Zealand Rugby (RugbySmart)

Netball New Zealand (NetballSmart)

New Zealand Rugby League (Fundamentals)

New Zealand Football (FIFA 11+)

Skiing and snowboarding.

Our partnerships have also helped us develop information about common sports injuries – more on concussion, and the RICED (rest, ice, compression, elevation, diagnosis) method of injury treatment.


RICED (rest, ice, compression, elevation, diagnosis)

Reviewed: 21 June 2016