SportSmart - 10-point plan

Sports injuries are not caused by one single factor. Often sports injuries are the result of a number of conditions and circumstances. ACC SportSmart is a 10-point action plan for sports injury prevention.


Use screening to identify players at risk of injury and identify factors that may make players prone to injury.

Warm-up, cool-down and stretch

Warm-up correctly to prepare your body for play, and cool-down and stretch the right way to help the body recover and to prevent injury.

Physical conditioning

Being prepared physically can help prevent injuries and improve your performance.


Identify the risky elements in your sport and ensure players learn and use the correct techniques at all times, to help prevent injury.

Fair play

Uphold the principles of fair play to reduce the risk of injury. This is the responsibility of everyone, ie coaches, players, referees and supporters.

Protective equipment

Buy the correct sporting equipment to help protect you and others from injury.

Hydration and nutrition

Understand how hydration and nutrition affect your body and make better choices before, during and after exercise.

Injury reporting

Find out how to collect and analyse injury information, to find ways of preventing the same injuries happening again.


Ensure that sporting facilities and equipment are safe, and players have the correct gear.

Injury management

Correct identification, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries will help players return to training and competition sooner.

Last updated: 8 May 2014

Last reviewed: 22 January 2014