Get access to our internet privacy statement, privacy notice (about the collection of personal and health information and how we use it), and the privacy policy setting which sets out our legislative privacy commitments.

Internet privacy statement

This sets out how we manage your privacy whilst browsing our site and how we keep information secure.

Privacy notice

The privacy notice applies to our staff, providers, customers and clients. It sets out why we collect personal and health information, how it’s stored, how to access the information we hold, and how to lodge a privacy-related complaint.

Independent Reviews of ACC Privacy and Security of Information

Go to the PDF versions of our first independent review of our privacy and security of information, jointly commissioned by the Office of The Privacy Commissioner and the ACC Board in March 2012, and the later, follow-up review.

Privacy at ACC for suppliers and providers

We deal with personal and health information for a large number of people. Our suppliers have access to this information as part of carrying out services for ACC and ACC’s customers. For more information go to Privacy privacy at ACC in the Procurement section.

Reviewed: 15 February 2016
Updated: 24 January 2014