What does my rego cost?

Use this calculator to find out what band you are in and how much your rego currently costs. Understand the impact the 2018 Levy Consultation may have on you. 

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    Paying levies as part of your vehicle rego

    The levy on your rego depends on how much risk your vehicle has of causing an injury to yourself or others on the road. We call this Vehicle Risk Rating (VRR).

    We group together vehicles into classes with similar levels of risk, and each class has a set levy rate. This includes cars, motorcycles, scooters and heavy vehicles.

    Using this tool to understand how levy consultation impacts you

    This tool shows what you currently pay and what band your vehicle is in. Note the number (not the letter) and visit the Minister for ACC's VRR proposal on Shape Your ACC to compare this with what we're proposing you might pay in the future.

    Indicative rates on VRR proposal

    Please note the levy rates in this calculator are the current rates and don't include the indicative rates included in levy consultation for 2019-2021 levy years. 

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    Last published: 12 December 2018