'12 Days of ACC Christmas' highlights weird and not-so-wonderful festive season injuries

Released 26/12/2018

We all know and love the old Christmas song ’12 Days of Christmas’. But have you heard the ’12 Days of ACC Christmas’?

'12 Days of ACC Christmas' full campaign

Our little ditty wraps up, and ties in a musical bow, 12 of the weird and not-so-wonderful Christmas-time injuries we have seen claims for.

Our song covers everything from prickled waewae (feet) to falls on slippery rugs, puppy scratches, and nasty topples from ladders.

While the campaign is tongue-in-cheek, there is a more serious message that most injuries are preventable with a little prior thought. Throughout the campaign, you’ll see some quick tips on how to stay safe while doing typical holiday season stuff like home DIY, cycling with the family, or prepping presents to go under the Christmas tree.

The Christmas and New Year season can be wonderful but can also be a difficult time for many - from the small things like having to make small talk with family you don’t gel with, to bigger things like feeling anxiety because you’re financially stretched.

Keep an eye on your friends and whānau over the holidays, be gentle on yourself and others, and most of all enjoy the season.

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