ACC motor vehicle levies 1 July 2017

Released 29/06/2017

From 1 July 2017 the average annual ACC Motor Vehicle Account levy, which includes the annual licence levy and the petrol levy will be reduced from $130.26 to $113.94 per vehicle. This is a reduction of 12.5%.

The new motor vehicle levy rates apply for the next two years, and will save motorists more than $113 million over two years.

Motorists will pay a lower ACC petrol levy when they fill up at the pump, a 13% reduction from 6.9 cents to 6 cents a litre. 

The motor vehicle levies cover the costs of accidents on public roads involving vehicles.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) will be classed with petrol driven vehicles and will pay the same lower levy. Previously these vehicles were classed as ‘non-petrol’ and paid all of their ACC levy through vehicle licensing fees, similar to diesel-powered vehicles.

Motor vehicle owners, including EVs and PHEVs can find out what the ACC levy portion of their car registration will be.

Find out out about your rego and new ACC levy band

Annual licence levies for motorcycles will remain at current levels.

If you received a rego reminder (MR 1 licence) before 12 July 2017, a change to the Accident Compensation (Motor Vehicle Account Levies) Regulations 2017 may affect you. The change corrects an error with the levy rates affecting the ACC component of the licence. You'll be charged the right amount from 12 July, but this may be different than what’s shown on your rego reminder (MR 1 notice).

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Paying levies if you own a motor vehicle 

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