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ACC and BMXer Sarah Walker pedalling safe cycling messages this Christmas

Released 28/12/16

For children the excitement of a new bike, skateboard or scooter at Christmas leads to squeals of delight and a lifetime of happy memories.

“Everyone remembers their first bike and the excitement of flying down hills or just biking to their best mate’s house.”

Sarah Walker certainly knows that feeling of flying down hills at great speed, and that is why the BMX star is working with ACC to promote getting the basics of bike safety right.

Sarah is staring in a series of bike safety videos on YouTube that cover all the basics.

Such as making sure Santa gave you the right size bike helmet you the right size and you've got it fitting right, just remember 2-4-1.

  • Put two fingers above your eyebrows. Your helmet should sit just above them. Then, put two fingers either side of your ears. Your four straps should be tight and follow your fingers. Finally, put one finger under the strap beneath your chin. This strap should also be firm.

ABC is how to remember the bike checks that need to be made:

  • Air – tyres need to be pumped up properly
  • Breaks – You need both front and back breaks to work
  • Chain – make sure it’s well oiled.
  • Bike with an adult – it’s one of the best family things you can do together
  • Track down a cycle skills course which will help you learn about how to bike safely on the road. Contact your local council for more info.

“We want to make sure everyone has a safe, fun, summer enjoying biking and spending time with their family. So just take a few moments to watch our safety video and enjoy a lifetime of safe biking.”

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