Creating a healthier and safer work environment

Released 14/05/2018

We’re entering the third phase of engagement for our workplace safety incentives programme. If you play a part in running a business in New Zealand, we’d appreciate your feedback.

Your people are your most valuable asset. Yet too many New Zealanders are still injured or killed while at work.

The ACC levy you pay helps to protect your employees if they get injured at work.

We’ve worked with businesses to develop two new workplace safety incentive products.

Two new and enhanced workplace safety incentive products

We’ve met with more than 500 businesses across the country, as well as advocacy groups and employees.

We’ve used what we’ve learnt to develop two new products that more closely links the levy a business pays, with their actual health and safety performance. They'll also provide a better customer experience.

Product A will be the default option for most businesses. Product B will be for larger businesses striving to be leaders and innovators in workplace health and safety.

What these products mean for you

Both products include some key changes, based on what you’ve told us. Three key changes have been made to both products after the initial engagement.

They'll be more flexible, changing with you and encouraging continuous improvement. They’ll more strongly link the levy you pay to your business’ workplace health and safety performance. And you’ll have access to tailored services and advice from WorkSafe New Zealand and across the health and safety sector.

These products may affect your ACC levy, so it’s important you understand what we’re proposing and how it might affect you.

We’ve designed these products with your business in mind, so your feedback is important to us. Changes and improvements are still underway and we want you to help shape them further.

You have until 10 June 2018 to tell us what you think and we’ll use your feedback to continue to develop and improve our products.

The final product designs will be ready to share as part of our levy consultation in September and October.

Head to Shape your ACC to find out more about the proposed products, and let us know what you think.

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