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‘Drive’ website getting to young drivers

Released 26/01/17

The 'Drive' website is proving to be a very effective tool in helping young drivers through the licencing process.

The NZ Transport Agency/ACC site, launched in June, is on target to meet its goals for the year.

ACC’s Stu Ross, Road Injury Prevention Manager, says this is a very encouraging start for the new initiative to help young people become confident and capable drivers.

“Key to Drive’s success is keeping the customer at the centre of everything. With our partner NZTA we did extensive research with 15-24 year-olds to find out what’s important for them, the challenges they face and why they learn to drive.”

In the six months since the web site was launched there have been over 140,000 users to the site, with over 13,000 completing pre-learner tests and over 276,000 video views.

“Visitors to the site are telling us they find the web site fun, easy to use and, more importantly, useful.”

This is demonstrated by the length of time people are spending on the site which is on average 12 minutes.

Drive has a number of key features including an interactive road code, driving videos, insider’s guide to the practical driving tests and resources for coaches who are helping people to learn to drive.

Drivers who sign up can track their progress as they complete modules and get access to practice tests and special quizzes to help them prepare.

“Young drivers are still over-represented in crash statistics. Twenty-seven per cent of all crashes involve a driver between the ages of 16-24, yet they only make up 13 percent of licenced car drivers,” says Mr Ross.

Statistics show that people are getting their licences later so there is a growing need to better support 20-24 year-old novice drivers. While Drive is primarily for 16-19 year-olds, it also serves as a useful tool for the older age group, says Mr Ross.

The Drive objective is to help create safe and skilled young drivers who will value their safety as well as the safety of other road users. They will have the knowledge and skills to take action – both inside and outside the vehicle – to reduce the risk of road trauma for themselves and others.

Visit the Drive website


Statistics (1 July - 31 December 2016)  
Total sign-ups 8,250
Total NZ users 140,027
Pre-learner engagement 13,166 – milestone test completed
Learner engagement 276,364 – video views
Average session time 12 mins 34 secs


  • Returning
  • New
Learn to drive assessments completed 6,756
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