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Released 31/07/2018

We’re proud to help fund a national health and safety register for businesses, a first in New Zealand.

The HASANZ Register is a one-stop shop to find reliable, quality health and safety advice and services. The Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) developed the register with funding from ACC and WorkSafe New Zealand. HASANZ is the umbrella organisation for New Zealand’s workplace health and safety professions.

Reducing workplace harm

Businesses need access to quality advice and proven, relevant experience to run healthier and safer workplaces. HASANZ registered professionals can build on a businesses’ own capabilities.

We’ve invested in the register because it will help play an important role in reducing workplace harm. We’re constantly working with strategic partners to create healthier and safer workplaces.

The HASANZ Register grew from a recommendation made in the Report of the Workplace Health and Safety Taskforce, resulting from the Pike River mine tragedy.

It allows businesses to search for professionals that can help them with health and safety issues. There is a wide range of expertise at hand and it's free to use.

“It works like a matching service between businesses and different types of health and safety professionals,” says Philip Aldridge, executive director of HASANZ. “It connects businesses with experts who can advise on solutions to their health and safety problems – everything from asbestos to worker fatigue.”

Help from health and safety professionals

Professionals on the register must earn their place there. They must provide evidence of their qualifications, experience, and commit to a code of conduct.

Like licensed building practitioners or real estate agents, the person and not the firm can be HASANZ registered. You can look for the HASANZ Register quality mark – it’s like warrant of fitness to practise as a workplace health and safety professional in New Zealand.

We’re committed to improving health and safety in the workplace. With this register, we hope greater use of health and safety knowledge and advice will reduce the risk of serious harm and fatalities in New Zealand workplaces.

HASANZ Register

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