ACC levy consultation getting good response

Released 12/10/2016

Kiwis are taking advantage of the opportunity to have their say on ACC levy proposals for the 2017 to 2019 period, with over 18,000 unique views of the consultation website in the two weeks of the month-long consultation.

With over 800 submissions having been made so far, the response has exceeded expectations.

The large number of views and submissions shows people are very interested in reading about the proposals and learning more about the whole levy setting process.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to have their say on the levy proposals and provides ACC with a good insight into what people are thinking. This will help ACC when finalising the levy recommendations to be presented to the Government.

Levies affect almost everyone, whether a car owner, wages earner or self-employed. So it’s important to understand what is involved and how the levies are set.

ACC has proposed levy changes in the coming year and we want to ensure the levies we recommend are fair.

The comments and submissions received so far indicate people are comfortable with the level of information being provided, the ease of access and use of the website.

Comments such as those on the Earners’ levy increase:

“The cost is what it is. Everyone paying their fair share by proportion of income is most fair”

“Many sports pay no levy like mountain biking and rugby (extremely high risk). Why should I subsidise someone else’s risky pastimes? This just seems like a tax increase for the working man. Why don’t companies pay earners levy themselves?”

Or, on lower levies at the petrol pump:

“In the last 20 years there has been a vast increase in the amount of vehicle accidents both road and farming, and tourists to our country. Keeping the current levy on all fuel or even increasing a little ensures all users help fund the various services, legislation and infrastructure needed to keep our roads maintained, serviced and safe.”

“I would rather see a bigger decrease in the registration fees so that those that drive more are still paying more of their share of the cost. I have 3 registered vehicles and have very low mileage on all of them.”

“Barely makes a difference to cost. So I am not really worse or better off.”

Motorcyclists have also joined the conversation on their levies.

"As a motorcyclist with thousands of kilometres under my belt and 35 years’ experience, I would like to think that statistics on older riders with bikes less than 600cc are a much better risk than young kids in high performance cars.

The levy consultation process period ends on 19 October 2016.

Levy proposals for the coming year, in brief:

For businesses, we have proposed a 10 percent reduction in the work levy, and major changes to workplace safety incentive programmes.

For employees, due to an increase in claims costs, it is proposed to increase the earners’ levy by three percent.

For car owners it is proposed to reduce the petrol levy by 13 percent and the registration levy by an average of 13 percent.

For motorcyclists the proposal is to maintain current motorcycle levies of the motorcycle safety levy and reduce the petrol levy by 13 percent.

There’s still time for people to provide their feedback on the levy setting process and we would encourage everyone to take this opportunity to be involved and make a submission on any aspect of the levies.

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