Motorbike gear to have safety star rating

Released 30/05/2018

A new safety star rating system for protective clothing will soon help Kiwi motorcyclists when choosing safety gear.

The star rating system will allow motorcyclists to check the performance of protective clothing before they buy.

We've joined with a range of Australian state road and road safety agencies to develop the system. It will be based on the familiar consumer five-star rating system.

Our motorcycle injury prevention specialist David Keilty says safety star ratings are just as important. "When buying a car or a motorcycle helmet it makes sense to have a rating system. That’s also the case for protective clothing.”

Better gear, less injuries

Last year ACC paid $94 million to support 7,370 motorcyclists who were injured on New Zealand roads. Many of them have suffered significant, life-changing injuries.

In some situations the quality of your riding gear could be the difference between life and death.


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Motorbike gear to have safety star rating

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