Customer Advisory Panels: an update

Released 16/08/2018
On 28 July the Older Persons, Sexual Violence, and Serious Injury Customer Advisory Panels met for a community hui.
These panels form our Customer Advisory Programme. The hui was the first step toward building a stronger customer community.

The inaugural community conference

The hui was a fantastic opportunity for the new panel members to come together and meet each other.
They discussed what was important to the communities and networks they each represent. We looked at ways we could work and communicate together as we move forward.
The day presented a perfect opportunity for us to test new technology. We trialed a social collaboration platform that can help us keep up to date with the work of each panel. It'll help identify new issues in real time to our Customer Advisory Programme team here at ACC.
Some of our executive leaders and our Chief Executive Scott Pickering joined us on the day. They gave updates to the panel members on progress in our Customer Group. They also talked through the Transformation programme.
These updates gave context on what we're working on at ACC, and how the panels could best contribute.

Partnership roadshows

The Customer Advisory Programme is one part of a wider and robust insights system. The system is designed to gather and analyse all types of customer feedback.
During the hui, each panel had the chance to meet and talk to members of our data analytics, research and customer-centered design teams.
Working together, these teams can gather a wide range of customer insights. They're able to analyse and put these insights to use to improve our services for all New Zealanders.
The customer community also had the chance to work with our Injury Prevention team. They looked at opportunities for panel members to contribute to this area in the future.

What are Customer Advisory Panels?

We get feedback about our services and policies from many sources, including what we call our Customer Advisory Panels.
These groups are made up of our customers, eg clients, advocates and providers.
The programme is part of our wider customer insights and experience system. This system gains insights through research and analytics, staff feedback, and customer co-design.

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