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‘A Pokemon Go user walks into a bar…

Released 12/07/16

…and into a lamp post, a wall, a table, a pedestrian and a pot hole.’ Ouch!

As Pokemania sweeps across the country so does the likelihood of injury. Whilst minor injuries have already been reported overseas, ACC is yet to receive any Zubat, Pikachu or other Pokemon related claims, and we don’t want you to be the first.

So as ‘trainers’ of all ages and levels of fitness venture out into the real world in pursuit of virtual creatures ACC offers some common sense Poketips to help you stay injury free and ‘in the game’.

Keep your phone at your side when walking and be situationally aware.

Stay hydrated, wear suitable footwear and dress appropriately. The Pokemon may be naked but you shouldn’t be. It’s cold out there.

To improve your performance and prevent sore muscles, warm up and stretch before heading out to hunt. For some ole time gamers this will be the most physical they’ve been since playing pinball in the nineties.

Take the human equivalent of Pokestops whenever necessary, so you’re battle ready when need be.

Move to a safe area when preparing to throw Pokeballs, and stop walking to perform the action.

Play as a team so you can look out for one another and be vigilant in your environment, especially if looking for Gastly at night.

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