Stay safe on group motorcycle rides

Released 19/11/2018

Our hearts go out to the whānau and friends of the four motorcyclists who have lost their lives over the weekend.

This is an unfortunate reminder of the risks that come with motorcycling, particularly when riding as a group.

In 2017, 45 motorcyclists lost their life on the road and 7,372 motorcyclists received treatment and support from ACC.

Sharp increase in bikes expected over coming month

The summer season sees an increase in the number of motorcyclists on the road.

Over half of motorcyclists have had a six-month break from riding during the winter months. So on-road skills can be a little rusty when getting back in the saddle.

If you’re about to bring your bike out of hibernation, it’s important to give it a health check, and brush up on your skills with a Ride Forever course. No matter how long you’ve been riding or how experienced you are, every rider can benefit from a Ride Forever course. They are tailored for different levels of experience, with Bronze, Silver and Gold courses available throughout the country.

Ride Forever coaching reduces injuries

Riders who complete a Ride Forever course are 27% less likely to crash and submit an ACC claim compared to riders who haven’t completed a course.

Approximately 20,000 riders have been through Ride Forever so far.

While you can’t control the actions of others on the road, coaching helps to reduce the chance of being in a crash and lowers the severity of the injuries if a crash does happen.

Ride Forever on-road coaching - website

Things to think about when group riding

  1. Riders skill, confidence and ability is varied in a group or rally scenario, where distances between riders can be tight and conditions less forgiving, meaning crashes can happen quite easily.
  2. Before heading out for an organised group ride, take a Ride Forever course to brush up on your skills.
  3. Check your bike’s condition. Many riders have not used their bikes as much, if at all, over the winter. Now’s the time to check everything is working safely.
  4. Check the condition of your safety gear. Money spent on good gear is never wasted, but you’ve got to look after it and replace it when necessary. Care for your gear and it will look after you. Check out the Ride Forever website for tips on buying and caring for gear.
  5. Listen to the safety guidance given by the group leader at the start of the ride. This is an important briefing, where guidance will be given on general speed limits and passing.

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