Preventing injuries in your community

Our Regional Injury Prevention Partners work with trusted organisations to prevent injuries throughout New Zealand.

We partner with New Zealand communities to support the good work they’re doing on injury and violence prevention.

Getting injury prevention into your communities

We reach communities through our Regional Injury Prevention Partners. They make sure everyone in Aotearoa has access to injury prevention programmes – no matter where they live.

What they do

  • Work with community partners to maximise the impact of ACC’s injury prevention delivery.
  • Work with communities to understand the impact of injury on them.
  • Support community-driven programmes and mobilisation on key injury issues.
  • Build and maintain community relationships and awareness.

Who we partner with

We partner with Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand (SCFNZ) to support individual communities. Through SCFNZ, communities can become accredited as safe. To become accredited, many different sectors in the community need to work together to implement the Safe Community framework.

This framework has reduced injuries, crime and violence. It includes:

  • road safety campaigns
  • falls prevention initiatives
  • water safety
  • safety at work
  • safer public places
  • reduced alcohol-related harm
  • overall violence prevention.

Currently, 2.8 million New Zealanders live in an accredited safe community.

We also work with trusted organisations to protect your tamariki from injury. 

Protecting your tamariki | children

Our statistics

Find statistics on the reach of injury prevention programmes, and how many claims we accept.

Our statistics

Last published: 9 April 2021