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Strengthening of support for sexual violence sector

Released 24/09/18

The Government is looking at ways to strengthen support for the sexual violence sector at a national level.

Across the sector, a range of Crown agencies, NGOs and private organisations work together to provide services for victims/survivors, perpetrators and their support networks including families and whānau.

These services include prevention initiatives, information services, crisis support, medical/forensic services, victim care and recovery, justice services and perpetrator treatment.

As part of this, ACC funds providers to help prevent sexual violence and to enable people affected by sexual abuse or assault to access the support, treatment and rehabilitation they need.

Across the sector, this represents an investment of millions of dollars in sexual violence services and prevention activity each year. 

An independent working group will be set up

We all have a vested interest to ensure that our efforts are effective and are of a consistently high standard. The Government wants to work with the sector to ensure that providers are well-supported to respond to the needs of everyone affected by sexual violence.

To do this, an independent working group will be created to define what support the sector requires and to design the best ways to provide it. The working group will be set up to ensure wide representation from NGOs, service providers and interested parties, and it will have an independent facilitator.

This work is being led by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and ACC. It is part of the cross-government work programme being coordinated by the Multi-Agency Team for Family Violence and Sexual Violence.

Benefits of strengthening support

Benefits of strengthening support at a national level include:

  • strengthened capability and capacity of the sector to deliver effective services and prevention activity
  • better collaboration between government and providers, and between providers
  • ensuring the sector is better informed on:
    •  emerging information and evidence on good practice
    • developments within the sector
    • government policy and processes.
  • better understanding of the needs of victims and of the availability and effectiveness of prevention activity and support services across the country
  • opportunities to create more efficient and co-ordinated services and contracting processes
  • well-informed public policy and service development.

How the work will be carried out

The independent sector working group will define what support the sector requires and to design the best ways to provide this support.

The working group will be set up through an Opportunity for Engagement process to ensure wide representation from NGOs, service providers and interested parties. It will have an independent facilitator.

Working group representatives will be sought from the following services:

  • sexual harm crisis support services
  • harmful sexual behaviour services
  • male survivor services
  • ‘Safe to talk’ national sexual violence helpline service
  • Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims
  • sexual violence prevention providers
  • child and adolescent services
  • existing sector bodies, e.g. TOAH-NNEST and MSA.

The working group will also consult with representatives from iwi, LBGTQI+ community, Pacific community, youth representatives and the disability sector.

The design phase being led by the working group and we expect it will take 8 months to complete. 

Apply to be on the working group and read the draft terms of reference.

Opportunity for engagement with draft terms of reference

Working Group recommendations

Once the working group has made its recommendations, we'll work through the process to put the recommendations into effect, with consultation if required.

Further information

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