Part of our community

Where there’s a link to our purpose of prevention, care or recovery, we support some initiatives in our communities. These benefit our clients, staff, and communities. 

Some of our initiatives and work in the community includes:

ACC Paralympics New Zealand Open Days

We partner with Paralympics New Zealand to inspire people to live active lives. We want to give people with disabilities the opportunity to try Para Sport and to encourage more people to take part. This is good for both well being and rehabilitation.

Find out about our upcoming ACC Paralympics New Zealand Open Days in 2017 and 2018

Attitude Awards

We celebrate the achievements of New Zealanders living with disability in a range of Award categories. The Attitude Awards promote:

  • positive role models
  • positive attitudinal change
  • inclusive communities.

Keep up with the latest news and read more about the previous winners from the Attitude Awards

Local events  

Our branch staff regularly take part in and support events in their community. 

Last published: 12 December 2018