Make an Official Information Act (OIA) request

Anyone can request information from ACC. Requests can include:

  • written documents and reports
  • electronic files and manuals
  • emails.

Before making a request, check our sources of information. You may find what you're looking for.

Corporate information and reports
How levies work

Personal information

If you want to access the claim, business, or personal information we have about you:

Use our request personal information tool

Media requests

If you're a journalist, contact our Media team first. They'll work with you to get the information you need.

Contact the Media team


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Your details

Enter your contact details so we can respond to your request.

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We may contact you if we need more information about your request.

Write your request

Tips for writing your request

Be specific
Make sure you get the information you want by being as specific as you can when you write your request.

Stick to the facts
Be clear about the information you are looking for. Avoid asking for opinions or explanations.

Keep to the point
Only provide background or context to your request if it helps to identify the information you are looking for.


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