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Business customer COVID-19 FAQs

If you're a business customer, you'll find frequently asked questions due to COVID-19 here.

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    My employee is injured while working from home, are they covered?

    If your employee is injured while doing a work-related task at home, it’s considered a work-related injury.

    If your employee tells you that they’ve been injured, find out what you need to do as their employer.

    What to do if an employee is injured

    If you have questions, email our work injury team.

    Email workinjury.inquiries@acc.co.nz

    Am I responsible for the health and safety of employees working from home?

    Yes, employers continue to be responsible for the health and safety of employees even when working from home.

    The WorkSafe website has information and guidance on working from home under the different COVID-19 alert levels.

    COVID-19 advice and guidance

    You can also find our top tips for anyone working from home over on our Newsroom.

    Five ways to avoid your home office becoming a danger zone

    What do I need to do to ensure health and safety of employees under the COVID-19 Alert Levels?

    Employers need to meet all public health guidelines and any specific public health requirements relevant to their workplace, including all other health and safety obligations at all COVID-19 Alert Levels.

    Business.govt.nz has information and guidance for workplaces operating under the different COVID-19 Alert Levels.

    Workplace operations at COVID-19 alert levels

    WorkSafe also has health and safety information for businesses operating during COVID-19 restrictions.  

    Managing Health and Safety during COVID-19 restrictions 

    Do I need to pass on the COVID-19 wage subsidy to my employees receiving weekly compensation from ACC?

    Yes, you should pass on COVID-19 wage subsidy payments to employees receiving weekly compensation from ACC. You must tell us each time you pay them the wage subsidy by completing an ACC038 form.

    ACC038 Earnings certificate for abatement assessment

    The subsidy is treated as income, so we’ll take it into account when making weekly compensation payments to the employee.

    Can someone self-employed receiving weekly compensation from ACC also get the COVID-19 wage subsidy?

    If you’re self-employed and receiving weekly compensation you can still apply for the COVID-19 wage subsidy if you’re eligible.

    Find eligibility criteria and how to apply on Work and Income’s website.

    Work and Income – COVID-19

    If you're on or applying for weekly compensation you’ll need to let us know if you've received a subsidy payment. It's treated as income, so we'll take it into account when making weekly compensation payments to you.

    If you're still receiving the subsidy, we'll need to apply abatement. This means we may need to adjust the level of weekly compensation to take into account the subsidy you're receiving.  

    Contact our claims team to report any earnings or subsidy received.

    Phone 0800 101 996
    Email claims@acc.co.nz 

    Can employers with a reimbursement agreement (ERA) receive reimbursement schedules by email instead of post?

    Yes, we can email reimbursement schedules to you if you can’t access your usual postal mail address. Let us know if you want to get reimbursement schedules by email.

    Email bcs@acc.co.nz

    Is my employee covered for COVID-19 by ACC?

    Cover for the COVID-19 virus may be available if your employee is diagnosed with the virus and they meet the criteria for a work-related gradual process, disease or infection under section 30 of the Accident Compensation Act 2001.  

    We would need information to understand their work tasks and environment and to what extent these could have caused the illness. We would also need to understand how prevalent the disease is in the community and other possible sources for the disease, such as exposure from family or friends.

    If you believe your employee contracted COVID-19 virus at work, please refer to the Ministry of Health's website for guidance.

    Ministry of Health COVID-19 advice and information

    Find more information on the injuries we cover:

    Injuries we cover

    Injuries we don't cover

    Last published: 18 August 2021