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    Does the threshold for obtaining prior approval from ACC combine face-to-face and Telehealth consultations?

    Yes – introducing Telehealth doesn’t reset the number of treatments you can provide to zero. For example, where the threshold is 16 treatments, you’ll need prior approval for ongoing treatment after 12 face-to-face consultations and four Telehealth consultations.

    If you work under the Cost of Treatment Regulations, you must track the total number of consultations for your client’s claim and request an extension if they need more than 16 treatments.

    We’re monitoring this. Any treatment provided must be necessary and appropriate, and of the quantity and quality required to meet an injury-related need.

    I’ve already invoiced an initial face-to-face consultation – can I invoice for an initial Telehealth consultation the first time I treat the client that way?

    No – if you started providing Telehealth services part way through your client’s treatment for injury, and the first Telehealth consultation with a client replaces a follow-up consultation, it’s a Telehealth follow-up. 

    Will ACC pay us for clients who don't attend appointments because of COVID-19?

    ACC added one more ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA) allowance — during Covid-19 Alert Levels 2, 3, and 4 — for those services with a DNA provision within the standard terms of their contract.

    We’ve now ended the allowance for an extra instance of a ‘Did Not Attend’ at Alert Level 1. Normal provisions now apply when clients do not attend treatment or rehabilitation appointments.

    Will ACC cover any extra costs of providing services due to COVID-19?

    We don't currently have plans to provide funding beyond that specified in the Cost of Treatment Regulations or under the terms of your contract.

    What if a client needs additional consumables because of COVID-19?

    If a client has concerns about their wellbeing and feels extra consumables such as PPE may be necessary for their care, they can request a Telehealth assessment with a nurse from their contact at ACC.

    We cannot supply PPE beyond what has already been provided for a client’s injury or recovery support.

    Will medical consumables and equipment supplies continue to be accessible?

    The existing medical consumables contract has contingency requirements to make sure sufficient stock levels are maintained. All clients who currently receive medical consumables from ACC will continue to receive stock in the same quantities as they do now.

    Equipment requests will be fulfilled as per usual after appropriate assessments have been undertaken (where required) and approvals issued. We're in touch with our consumables and equipment suppliers and will continue to monitor the situation.

    Will ACC provide economic support for providers/suppliers?

    Support for businesses and employees is available via the economic package announced by the Government. The Ministry of Innovation, Business and Employment (MBIE) website has more detailed information about the COVID-19 support available, including information on business support and workplace guidance for employers and employees.

    COVID-19 - MBIE website

    More information is also available on the New Zealand Government COVID-19 website.

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    Last published: 12 June 2020