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Changes to CoverPlus Extra (CPX)

Released 09/03/18

With the new financial year fast approaching and with upgrades to our technology, we’re making some changes to CoverPlus Extra.

Start date for CPX policies

From 1 April 2018, all new CPX policies will start on the date we receive the signed Policy Acceptance Form. We know there’s been some inconsistency around start dates in the past, so having a clearer policy should help you to manage your customers’ expectations.

Your customer’s agreed level of cover won’t be in place until we have the signed form. To help speed up the process, you can email us the forms instead of by post.

Email cpx@acc.co.nz

Get your CPX invoices paid on time

We’ll start invoicing for CPX customers in April/May. Make sure your customers make their payment in full, or set up a payment plan before their invoice is due. If it’s not paid in time, we'll cancel the policy and the customer will be sent an invoice based on our standard cover. Your customer will then need to apply again for CPX cover.

CPX invoices can be managed in MyACC for Business.

Make sure you’re authorised to act

To make changes or apply for CPX on behalf of an account holder, make sure you’re authorised to act for them.

Agents can set up authorised access by linking to their clients in MyACC for Business. Advisors can submit a client authority or ACC1766 and we’ll make the link.

Using the CPX calculator

As ACC Online has been replaced by MyACC for Business, you’ll need to use our levy calculator here:

CoverPlus Extra calculator

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