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Improving Experience Rating

Released 18/06/2019

If your levy has been above $10,000 for three years running, you will automatically be part of our Experience Rating adjustment.

Quite simply, your Experience Rating takes into account your claims history for work-related injuries over three years. This helps us determine your company's levy and whether you may be eligible to receive a discount or a loading.

We’re improving the experience

Over the last two years, we’ve spoken with New Zealand businesses to find out whether it would be beneficial if we made changes to the way Experience Rating works. As a result, we’re making some improvements.

The key change is a discount or loading that more closely reflects your business’s own health and safety performance. This means a strong health and safety performance could also increase the chances of a company being rewarded with a discount on their ACC Work Levy or, on the other hand, realise consequences when their performance is not up to scratch.

What next?

Any changes a company makes to its health and safety which result in a discount will show up in their 2022 levy, and subsequent levies. So there’s plenty of time to take positive action on your workplace health and safety.

We're working on getting more details about the changes to Experience Rating up on the site. Check back later.

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