Types of cover for shareholder-employees

Workplace Cover is our standard cover for all shareholder-employees. Your non-PAYE shareholder-employees can manage their own levies by applying for CoverPlus Extra.

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    Due to the difficult times some businesses are facing, we’ve delayed invoicing until October for the 2020/21 financial year.
    If you would like to continue to receive your invoice as normal, you’re able to request this.
    Levy payment options available for business customers

    Standard cover for shareholder-employees

    Your business’ Workplace Cover automatically covers your shareholder-employees. They’ll get the same benefits under this cover as your regular employees.

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    Let non-PAYE shareholder-employees manage their own levies

    Your non-PAYE shareholder-employees can choose to apply for CoverPlus Extra. This will let them choose how much of their income they want covered if they've had an accident and can't work.

    How CoverPlus Extra works

    How we calculate your shareholder-employee levies

    Inland Revenue provides us with a summary of your shareholder remuneration information. We use it to calculate how much your levies will be.

    Calculating your levies

    How we invoice you for shareholder-employees

    When we invoice we’ll include the levies for your:

    • PAYE shareholder-employees in your regular Workplace Cover invoice
    • non-PAYE shareholder-employees in a separate invoice.

    Deduct the Earners’ levy from your PAYE shareholder-employees’ income like you would for regular PAYE employees.

    If you have any shareholder-employees on CoverPlus Extra, we'll invoice them directly for their Work and Earners' levies. We'll include their Working Safer Levy in the your invoice for non-PAYE shareholder-employees.

    Explaining your invoice

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    Last published: 19 June 2020