How your claims history affects your levy invoice

Once your business has been running for over three years, we'll have a good picture of what your claims history looks like. We'll then add you to a programme and adjust your Work levy based on this history. Your levy can stay the same, be discounted or have a loading.

You could reduce your Work levy by preventing injuries at work and helping your injured employees get back to work sooner.

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    If your Work levy is less than $10,000 – No Claims Discount

    We look at your annual work levy over a three year period. If you've paid less than $10,000 in any one of those three years, you'll fall under the No Claims Discount programme.

    Your claims history for work-related injuries over the three year period will determine whether:

    • you get a discount
    • you get a loading
    • your Work levy will stay the same.

    How you'll get a discount

    You'll get a 10% discount on your Work levy if over the three year period your business has had:

    No changes to your Work levy

    Your Work levy will stay the same if over the three year period your business has had:

    How you'll get a loading

    You'll get a 10% loading on your Work levy if over the three year period your business has had:

    If your Work levy is over $10,000  – Experience Rating Programme

    If your annual Work levy is over $10,000 for three years in a row, you'll fall under the Experience Rating Programme.

    We've improved Experience Rating to make it better for business. You can find out more about the changes on our business updates page.

    Improving experience rating

    Getting a discount or a loading

    Through the Experience Rating Programme you could get up to 50% off your Work levy, or up to 100% added.

    We look at your claims history for work-related injuries over the three year period. By comparing this against your levy risk group, we then work out if you’ll get a discount or a loading, and by how much. We look at:

    We'll also look at your claims history and compare it to others in your levy risk group. Older claims carry less weighting, putting more emphasis on your more recent claims experience.

    If you own more than one business

    If you're the majority shareholder of more than one business, we’ll group your businesses together.

    We'll add the levies you pay for each business together as one total Work levy for your business group, to see if you're eligible for the Experience Rating Programme.

    We look at how your group performs

    Each business will still have their own levy rate based on the industry they work in. But, they'll all get the same levy discount or loading depending on the performance of the group.

    Our business grouping and transfers guide has more information about:

    • how we group your businesses together
    • how buying or selling a business may affect your Experience Rating.

    Business grouping and transfers guide

    Improving your health and safety

    Find out how you can improve your claims history. This could be through managing injuries better and helping your employees' recover faster:

    Workplace health and safety
    Work with us to get your employee back to work

    Exemptions from the programme

    You may be exempt from these two programmes if your:

    • payroll or income was below the set minimum in each of the three years
    • business wasn't operating.

    Check the minimum payroll and income levels

    Contact us

    If you want to know more about these programmes and how they affect your Work levy, contact your relationship manager. Or get in touch with the business team.

    Phone 0800 222 776 (Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm)
    Phone (overseas) +64 7 859 8675

    If you have a problem

    Contact the Work Injury Inquiry team if there’s something on your claims history that’s not right. Eg, if your history shows a non-work related claim or a claim made by someone who isn’t on your payroll.

    Phone 0800 222 096

    Last published: 1 April 2022